This group was created to bring Australian food and drink bloggers together in the hope that we could create a regular Australian Food and Drink Bloggers Conference in the style of the International Foodbloggers Conference that was first held in May 2009 in Seattle.

Our sixth, national conference — Eat Drink Blog 6 – will take place in Canberra in October-November 2015.

Eat Drink Blog 6 will build on the work achieved by all the fantastic volunteers involved in organising and presenting at the first five conferences:

  • Eat Drink Blog 1 was held in Melbourne in 2010 and attended by 45 delegates;
  • Eat Drink Blog 2 was held in Sydney in 2011 and attended by 87 delegates; and
  • Eat Drink Blog 3 was held in Adelaide in 2012 and attended by 80 delegates.
  • Eat Drink Blog 4 was held in Perth in 2013 and attended by 80 delegates.
  • Eat Drink Blog 5 was held in Brisbane in 2014 and attended by 60 delegates.


12 comments on “About”

  1. Dr George R. Ujvary Reply

    Hi there,

    My name is George Ujvary and I have ‘The Foodologist’ blog at http://www.foodologist.com.

    Connaugh Sheehan and Mel Marshan from MLA told me to get in touch with you as I am a food producer (meat) and a food blogger who does regular work with MLA and might provide some different blogging perspectives. It seems I have missed the registration date for the event as I have only recently been given details of the conference. I was wondering if it was possible still to get involved.

    Please contact me if there are any possibilities to still get involved.



  2. Champagne JayneChampa Reply

    Literally just heard about this on twitter today – My name is Champagne Jayne I write, speak and teach about champagne and sparkling wine and I’ve published a blog about my sparkling passions since early 2009 (www.champagnejayne.com). You can see me in action on Channel 9’s Kerri-Anne and on Channel 10’s The Circle. I’m not sure how many drinks bloggers are represented at your conference but I would love to attend to represent the sparkling & champagne category. Not sure how to email you so sending comment instead

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  4. LocalisLovely Reply

    Hello, I am new to the blogging world and would love to know if dates have been set for the next Foodbloggers Conference? Would love to get there if I can,

    • Simon @ the heart of food Reply

      Hi Sophie! As of yet, no dates have been announced regarding the next food blogger’s conference.

      Please keep an eye on this blog and on the twitter account @eatdrinkblogau for more info when it comes to hand.

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