Adam Roberts joins Eat Drink Blog 2013 !

We are excited to announce that Adam Roberts, cookbook author, Food Network host and the creator of award-winning food blog, The Amateur Gourmet, will be attending Eat Drink Blog 4 In Perth!

Adam started his food blog over 9 years ago whilst living in New York, and with his unique wit and charm he soon had a large following of fans. He now lives in Los Angeles and just recently launched his second book “Secrets of the Best Chefs“, in which he has interviewed some of the best chefs in the US for their tips on great cooking.

We can’t wait to have him in Perth and hear about his experiences in blogging, food, and life. We’re also looking forward to teaching him all about drop bears, vegemite, bush tucker, as well as showing him the amazing bars, cafes, restaurants, seafood, and landscapes that Western Australia has to offer.

Adam was kind enough to create a special video for us in which he shares a little about himself and also answers five questions from our committee.

So if you’d like to find out…

* What Adam likes listening to when he cooks?
* His death row meal?
* Hero he would dine with?
* How has blogging changed his life?
* Worse meal experience?

Watch this

You might also like to check out some of our favourite of Adam’s (many many) blog posts

Huge thanks to Tourism WA and Experience Perth for supporting us to bring Adam to Eat Drink Blog 4.

More information on the Sunday food and drink workshops, sponsors and details of the conference program will be announced soon.

Stay tuned…

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