Eat Drink Blog 5 Committee

Meet the team - introducing the organising committee for Eat Drink Blog 5

Meet the team – introducing the organising committee for Eat Drink Blog 5


Aga Kozmic, a matter of taste


Being born and raised in Poland there was always food around her. You could often find her in a kitchen – either baking cakes with grandmother, making pierogi with her mum or experimenting with “unusual” flavours in conspiracy with her cousin. Most of the photos from her childhood show her with some sort of edible thing in her hand, but it wasn’t until 2011 when she decided to share her love of food & travel and created a matter of taste.

After graduating from art school, with camera in one hand and small suitcase in the other, she started her nomadic life. First it was just 180km to another city, then when opportunity came up to move to the other side of the world she was ready to go in 5 minutes.

She’s a graphic designer, photographer and a full-time dreamer. Her husband is scared every time she says “what do you think about…” because you never know when she’ll try to bring her next crazy idea to life.

Anthony Clark, FoodMeUpScotty


Anthony is fairly new to the food bloggers community but has been enjoying food his whole life.  He was first introduced to food as a baby and has never looked back!

While Anthony has spent much of his adult life eating out, often at the best restaurant he could afford, it was only when one of his favourite restaurants closed down that he realized that he had a broader calling.

“I remember the day I found out that my favourite restaurant was closing down, this was a place we went to every week for dinner and it was a sad day”

Spurred into action, FoodMeUpScotty was created with the view of letting as many people as possible know about those ‘special little restaurants’. In a very short period of time FoodMeUpScotty has become one of Brisbane’s top food blogs with a devoted and loyal following.



Heather Scott, For the Love of Food


Heather is the Creative Director of pH creative, a design and communication agency. She enjoys eating out and cooking at home for friends and family. For the Love of Food is a blog about restaurant and cafe reviews, food she cooks in her own kitchen and travel stories.

“Food brings me endless hours of pleasure. Cooking it, eating it, photographing it. It just makes me happy. I also enjoy French champagne and am always on the hunt for that perfect coffee”.

In 2012 Heather won the Regional Flavours recipe competition with her recipe of Thai inspired prawn and pineapple curry. When not cooking or eating out, Heather also enjoys Argentine tango and performing in or directing shows with Phoenix Ensemble.



Corrie Zemski, Brisbane Devoured


Being a passionate reader of other food blogs made Corrie want to be a part of that action, and so in 2010, Brisbane Devoured was born. Corrie has always been far more interested in eating food as opposed to making it, so Brisbane Devoured mainly consists of local restaurant and cafe reviews, coffee and events. Her cooking efforts usually end up resulting in frustrated tears, so that job is left to her wonderfully patient husband, who always indulges her culinary desires.

Corrie was born, raised and has always lived in Brisbane, and so is extremely passionate about her city and its burgeoning food scene.

Corrie is a Veterinarian with a special interest in orthopaedic surgery day to day, which is clearly the polar opposite of food blogging. Blogging allows her (very slight) creative side to show itself, let off steam from work and has taught her a lot about food and culture. When Corrie is not at work (which takes up 99% of her time), she enjoys daydreaming about travel, playing with her three feline children and buying magazines that she never ends up reading. 


Kelly WongEating My Way Through Life


Serial multi-tasker Kelly would eat, drink, tweet, blog and listen to live music between acts of a play in a Brisbane underground bar if she could.

She has always been eating her way through life but in mid 2012 she finally started Eating My Way Through Life. She began blogging as a way to document her adventures around Brisbane, her experiments in the kitchen and as a procrastination project like all good ideas.

As a PhD science student, her love and hard work for science is balanced out with her love for food and Brisbane that provides a fun and creative outlet embodied through her blog. Like any other 23-year-old, she wants to experience everything in life and share it with everyone.

Born and raised in Brisbane, she enjoys visiting new places and things to do in her great city. Kelly is a self-confessed obsessed food-appreciator-eater-cook, music and arts lover and Brisbane city explorer.

Fiona RyanTIFFIN bite sized food adventures


Some years ago, Fiona’s mum recorded in her baby book that Fiona was ‘enthusiastic about chocolate blancmange but isn’t keen on strained carrots’. Nothing much has changed. When she’s not pushing carrots to the side of the plate, she’s eyeing off what’s on the dessert menu.

In her fake life, Fiona is a Project Manager in the service of out great nation’s public. This funds her travels and the chance to spend stupid sums of money on meals and cooking equipment that she was sure she needed at the time. Her blog ‘TIFFIN’, traces her bite sized food adventures.

Little food, big food, cooking, eating adventures, travels far & wide. A Brisbane food fan writes about what she enjoys (and doesn’t).



Jessalyn ChanFeed Me Now


It was a stint overseas which lead Jessalyn to create her blog, Feed Me Now Brisbane in 2012 – after spending two years abroad, she began to view her home city in a completely different light. Her new found appreciation for food, hospitality and the restaurant industry guided her writing to a blog that looked at the entire experience of dining out, from the food and service to the décor and table settings.

Realising that food really could bring people together, whether it be catching up with friends, a blind date or a Sunday dinner with the family, Jessalyn wanted to help others decide what venues around town would be the best for a range of different occasions.

Jessalyn has since found several opportunities through blogging and now works full time in public relations, with a focus on the hospitality industry.

Today, Feed Me Now Brisbane sits primarily on Instagram, the newest way for food lovers to share their adventures in a generation of time constraints and short attention spans.

7 comments on “Eat Drink Blog 5 Committee”

  1. Leanne Serra Reply

    Hey Guys,

    Great initiative! I bet you’re so excited! Just wondering if there’s anything like this in Sydney at all? I’d love to go this week but unfortunately can’t make it.


    Leanne Serra

    • admin Reply

      Leanne, Eat Drink Blog is held once yearly only, and is organised by a different committee each year. The outgoing committee chooses the incoming commmittee. The second EDB was held in Sydney in 2011. We are not sure yet where it will be held in 2015. Registrations for this event closed way back in June.

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