Speakers – Damien Condon from Lucid Media and Claire Davie from Melbourne Gastronome

We are very pleased to announce two more speakers in our Eat Drink Blog 5 lineup, Damien Condon, managing director of Lucid Media, and Claire Davie of Melbourne Gastronome.


Damien Condon is the managing director and director of strategy of Brisbane-based communications and digital content agency, Lucid Media. Damien has over twelve years experience in journalism, marketing, public relations and branded content both nationally and internationally.

He has worked with a number of different industries, particularly hospitality in Brisbane, and currently looks after some of Brisbane’s most exciting venues including Alfred & Constance and Kwan Brothers.

We are very pleased to have Damien on board for Eat Drink Blog 5.

Lucid Media




Claire Davie has been writing her blog Melbourne Gastronome since 2007, and spoke at the first Eat Drink Blog conference in 2010 in Melbourne. While she doesn’t update Melbourne Gastronome these days as often as she would like, the blog has had nearly 2 million visitors since its inception.

She works full time in the legal profession and dabbles in occasional freelance food and travel writing and reviewing, for publishers that include the Guardian, Hardie Grant’s Cooked website, the Deck of Secrets and Fairfax.

As a blogger and lawyer with consumer law expertise, she is passionate and opinionated about the legalities and ethics that surround blogging.

Her heritage is Anglo and Italian, and she absolutely despises pineapple on pizza.

A great big thanks to Claire for speaking at Eat Drink Blog 5!

Melbourne Gastronome


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