Five Senses Coffee bringing the beans

We are excited to announce that Five Senses will be bringing their superb locally roasted coffee to Eat Drink Blog this year. We’ll have a coffee bar set up with a Synesso espresso machine and a killer brew bar for filter coffees that will satisfy the needs of even the most outrageous coffee snobs. They’ll be serving coffee to delegates all day, which we know is going to help with so much information to take in.

Five Senses is a family owned coffee roasting company started in Perth, Western Australia, who are dedicated to sourcing spectacular seasonal coffee from all around the world. They have built up relationships with farmers and cooperatives over the years where they are actively trying to make a difference in the quality of the coffee being grown, and the quality of life of the people growing it.

They have long been at the forefront of the specialty coffee scene in Australia, both in terms of sourcing excellent beans, and also training baristas to excel in their craft. A recent expansion to a roastery and training centre in Melbourne means they’ve got the East and West coast covered with great beans, and great people.

Five Senses will also be presenting an interactive coffee workshop where delegates will get to expand their knowledge of coffee, learning about cutting edge brewing techniques to get the most out of high quality beans.

Thanks to Fives Senses for coming on board and sponsoring coffee for Eat Drink Blog 4 !


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4 comments on “Five Senses Coffee bringing the beans”

    • admin Reply

      Thanks Erin :)

      It has been a lot of work and still more to do but we are getting there. We appreciate the amount of work past committees have put into organising previous conferences. Look forward to catching up at Eat Drink Blog 4!

  1. Lau Reply

    This is amazing news! I Love 5 senses, also love the fact that there will be filter. Amazing work.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks Lau! Really excited to have Five Senses on board and they will be bringing a special coffee experience to Eat Drink Blog :)

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