After receiving a record number of applications for the limited spaces available, we are pleased to announce the following list of bloggers will be attending the conference in Adelaide on November 3 and 4.

  1. Sandra, $120 Food Challenge
  2. JJ, 84th & 3rd
  3. Kyrstie, A Fresh Legacy – A Leaf From My Garden
  4. Aga, A Matter of Taste
  5. Anna, Adobo Down Under
  6. Sara, Belly Rumbles
  7. Mary Anne, Beyond jelly
  8. Liz, Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things
  9. Corrie, Brisbane Devoured
  10. Tom, Capital Gourmand
  11. Amanda, Chew Town
  12. Martine, Chompchomp
  13. Karen, Citrus and Candy
  14. Claire, Claire K Creations
  15. Christine, Cooking Crusade
  16. Lauren, Corridor Kitchen
  17. Debbie, DBites
  18. Nic, Dining with a Stud
  19. Sean,
  20. Kerry, Eat, Drink and be Kerry
  21. Catherine, Farmhouse Home
  22. Christie, Fig & Cherry
  23. Kate, Finger, Fork & Knife
  24. Ai-Ling, Food Endeavours of the Blue Apocalypse
  25. Christine, Food Wine Travel
  26. Michelle, Foodie Cravings
  27. Sara, For the Love Of Champagne
  28. Kimberley, Fruit Salad & Mixed Veg
  29. Emily, Fuss Free Cooking
  30. Monica, Gastromony
  31. Keely, Gormandize with A-dizzle & K-bobo
  32. Michael, Gosstronomy & The Melting Pot
  33. Helen, Grab Your Fork
  34. Ashley, I’m so Hungree
  35. Rebecca, Inside Cuisine
  36. Jennifer, Jenius
  37. Amanda, Lambs Ears and Honey
  38. Bryan, Let’s Get Fat Together
  39. Sarah, Love Swah
  40. Michelle, M(i)sCh(i)ef
  41. Amy, Melbourne Food Snob
  42. Melissa, Melissa Loh
  43. Kirsten, Miss Foodie
  44. Jay, Moodie Foodie
  45. Emma, More Than Churches
  46. Tania, My Kitchen Stories
  47. Daisy, Never Too Sweet For Me
  48. Nichola, Nic Cooks
  49. Thang, Noodlies
  50. Sheryl, One Bite More
  51. Maureen, Orgasmic Chef
  52. Phuoc,  Phuoc’n Delicious
  53. Natasha, Playing House
  54. Erin, She Cooks, She Gardens
  55. Simon, Simon Food Favourites
  56. Peter, Souvlaki for the Soul
  57. Lizzie, Strayed from the Table
  58. Shai, Studio Notes
  59. Tammi, Tammi Tasting Terroir
  60. Jeremy, Taste Explorer
  61. Melanie, The Adventures of Miss Piggy
  62. Kirsty, The Apprentice Foodie
  63. Mel, The Cook’s Notebook
  64. Prue, The Culinary Library
  65. George, The Foodologist
  66. Theresa, The Gook
  67. Trina, The Gourmet Forager
  68. Christina, The Hungry Australian
  69. Winston, The Hungry Excavator
  70. Rachel, The Little Cookbook
  71. Anna, The Littlest Anchovy
  72. Natalie, The Saucy Redhead
  73. Jane, The Shady Baker
  74. Sophie, The Sticky and Sweet
  75. Jules, The Stone Soup
  76. Ed, Tomato
  77. Celeste, Travelling in Mary Janes
  78. Tara, VegeTARAian
  79. Megan, Veggies and Me
  80. Martyna, Wholesome Cook

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