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Clare Reilly from ‘The Life of Clare’:

“To the dear Eat Drink Blog committee, Giulia, Tara, Belinda, Rachi and Amanda,

I just wanted to write while the amazing event was still fresh in my mind and say a huge thank you. You guys really did go above and beyond to create the best event you could and to showcase the wonderful foodie destination that Canberra is.Each day, moment, speaker, restaurant, food experience surpassed the one that came before it. You did such a wonderful job reaching out to and working with local brands, that you really have left such a wonderful taste of Canberra in my mouth (although I’m not excited that I struggled to do up my jeans this morning!).The value for money was actually unbelievable. I’m sure for that for what we paid we would have been lucky to even dip a toe into Canberra had we done it ourselves. And talking to a friend this afternoon, she announced with a smile that all the places we went were exactly where she would have taken me.Networking with other like minded people, and not being judged for taking a photo of our food is invaluable. I have definitely developed long lasting food blogger relationships throughout this weekend, a testament to the amazing event you created and the opportunity to chat over delicious food on the Friday evening prior to the ‘official’ aspect.The experts that you had come to speak and the range of topics meant that there was something for everyone! My favourites were of course Matthew Evans, and although painfully cheery after one too many wines last night, The Merrymaker Sisters. Their self publishing talk will leave everyone brainstorming book ideas.I honestly can’t thank you all enough for the incredible weekend you painstakingly put together, and really this email doesn’t even come close to the thanks you deserve or describing the unforgettable experience I had.

So, simply, thank you. A million times, thank you!
Clare Reilly. “

Flore from ‘The Flo Show’:

“Thank you so much for your time, your organizational skills and patience. This week-end made me come out of my home office where I spend (alone) most of my time. I met some fantastic people including 2 girls living right next door to me! I learnt a lot and hope to make my blog a better, more professional project.

Veronika from ‘reset and rise on instagram’

Hello gorgeouses!

Again, a MASSIVE congrats on organising such an AMAZING event.  I am still in a food coma and think it might hang around for most of the week!  Haha.  Hope you all have a RESTFUL week, you’ve certainly earned it with your superstar efforts! :)

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  1. Michele Walton Reply

    Thank you so much for crating such a wonderful event! I had such a great time, so much more than I was expecting. I didn’t want to miss a minute of it and would have loved it to go on forever. It made me very proud of Canberra because you showcased our venues, eateries, market and local produce so well.
    I loved meeting everyone I chatted to and only wished I’d had time to meet more. It was great to spend time together and share our passions for food and creating.
    I know it must have taken great energy, patience and time to bring together, but the result was just amazing. You are incredible!!

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