Afternoon Tea by Red Hot Spatula

We are excited to have Red Hot Spatula sponsoring afternoon tea at Eat Drink Blog this year bringing an array of her Asian sweet treats to the table.

Red Hot Spatula is headed by Yvonne Bleach, not chef by trade but definitely a cook by heart. Having learnt the finer points of cooking sitting on her grandmother’s kitchen bench, her youth revolved around the many food-centric businesses her family was involved in as well as a multitude of gastronomic family feasts. Somehow, her career always veered into the foodie direction.

Yvonne has worked as a food journalist for Elle magazine and launched a series of bars and restaurants for a luxury hotel group in Singapore. Working in these environments opened many a professional kitchen door where she had the opportunity to be privy to many a masterchef kitchen, learning tips and tricks from the experts.

Leaving the rat race behind in Singapore, she settled down in Perth. Realising that there are heaps of foodies in Perth but a definite gap in the market for the type of food she can bring to the table, Red Hot Spatula was born.

Her food is greatly inspired by the melting pot food paradises of Singapore and Malaysia, bringing together the pure essence of South East Asian styled street food but with a gourmet touch.


Since its inception, Red Hot Spatula has entertained the local Perth tastebuds as a catering company as well as roving caterers at food festivals and special events. Yvonne also provides cooking classes, sharing her knowledge about food, spices and traditions.

We look forward to the more-ish bites of tasty Asian delights that Red Hot Spatula will provide for afternoon tea at Eat Drink Blog!

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