Eat Drink Blog 4 – Writing Competition 2013

Last year the Eat Drink Blog writing competition was launched and we are excited to be presenting it again this year with a different format and a major prize which would fulfill a dream for every blog writer!

The winning entry for this year’s writing competition will be published in SBS Feast magazine!

Thanks to SBS Feast magazine for coming on board this year and supporting the writing competition, and sponsors Grand Cucina, Booktopia and MOO for contributing some great prizes.


1st – Entry published in SBS Feast magazine, $200 voucher from Grand Cucina, Luxe Business cards from Moo.

2nd – Booktopia pre-selected cookbook prize pack RRP $600, Cookut Cocotte valued at $179.95 from Grand Cucina, postcard and sticker bundle from Moo.

3rd – Booktopia pre-selected cookbook prize pack RRP $400, Cookut frypan 24cm valued at $102.95 from Grand Cucina, stickerbook from Moo.


Entries will be judged by an esteemed panel consisting of Alix Clark (Editor, SBS Feast Magazine), Jane Cornes (Freelance Writer) and Renee Bergere (Deputy Editor, Scoop Magazine).

Entry Conditions

This year entrants can submit an original piece of published blog writing that must be no more than 1000 words on any food related subject. It could be on a food traveling experience, a restaurant review, the headnote for a recipe, a story or article on an aspect of food that interests, excites or frustrates you.

Note: If the entry features a recipe, the story supporting the recipe will be judged, not the recipe itself so the ingredients and methodology are not included in the word count.

Entries for the competition will be based on blog posts published within the last six (6) months, up to and including the closing date, between 7 April 2013 – 7 October 2013.

All entries must be submitted via email to: writingcomp @ with the full name of the author, name of the blog, email address, social media ID, a link to blog post and attach a PDF copy of the text only, no images.

This competition is open to ALL Australian food and drink bloggers that meet the criteria, not just conference delegates.

Before entering, check out the terms and conditions page  to check your eligibility, full terms and conditions, details of prizes and bios of our judging panel.

Entries must be submitted by 20.00 (ACST) on Monday 7th October 2013

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3 comments on “Eat Drink Blog 4 – Writing Competition 2013”

  1. Fiona Reply

    Hi – any wiggle room at all in the word limit? I’ve checked many of what I considerto be my best in the past 6 months and most top out at 650 words (not the requisite 700).

    • admin Reply

      Hi Fiona

      Thanks for your feedback on the word limit for the writing competition. This has been discussed by the committee and we have agreed to remove the minimum word count. Now entries must be no more than 1000 words.

      We want bloggers to submit their best entries :)

      Good Luck!

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