Eat Drink Blog 4, 2013 – Date and Venue!

Hello from the Perth organising committee :)

We are very excited about hosting Eat Drink Blog 4. Thanks to the organisers of Eat Drink Blog 3 for putting on a fantastic conference last year in Adelaide and giving us the opportunity this year to take the conference West!

The fourth national Australian Food and Drink Bloggers Conference, Eat Drink Blog, will take place over the weekend of 9-10 November 2013 in Perth, Western Australia with Saturday comprising a full day of talks, discussions and seminars; and on Sunday bloggers will participate in different food and drink workshops.

We are thrilled to have the Exhibition Space at Perth City Farm as the conference venue at on Saturday 9 November with the support of Brownes as the venue sponsor.

We are delighted to have award winning Perth bakery Jean Pierre Sancho on board who will be sponsoring the conference breakfast on Saturday and Brownes will be providing a yoghurt bar.

More information on the Sunday food and drink workshops, sponsors and details of the conference program will be announced soon.

Stay tuned…

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13 comments on “Eat Drink Blog 4, 2013 – Date and Venue!”

    • admin Reply

      No you haven’t missed the application date. We have only announced the date and venue :) Registration details will be announced later!

  1. Fiona Reply

    Great News! Thanks to Perth City Farm, Brownes & Jean Pierre Sancho for sponsoring this event. Looking forward to more as it comes to hand and hope I can make it!

    • admin Reply

      Thanks :) We appreciate the support that Perth City Farm, Brownes & Jean Pierre Sancho have provided to make Eat Drink Blog 4 happen!

    • admin Reply

      Thanks, we are trying to put together a great conference. Will be announcing registration details in a few weeks :)

    • admin Reply

      We love Perth City Farm! We knew it would be the perfect venue for a food and drink blogging conference and we are so happy that they are on board.

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