Eat Drink Blog 4 in Perth is almost here

The countdown is officially on!

This weekend 80 food bloggers from nearly every state in Australia will descend on Perth for the Eat Drink Blog 4 conference.

A huge thanks to all our sponsors who have supported us to present a fantastic program and provide a taste of the food and drinks Perth has on offer.

Thanks also to all our amazing speakers and presenters who have given their time to share their knowledge and expertise with delegates.

Delegates: registration is 8:30am-9:0am on Saturday 9 November at the Perth City Farm, Exhibition Space (1 City Farm Place, East Perth 6004).

Perth City Farm has an organic and biodynamic farmer’s market on Saturday mornings from 8am to 12 noon, so feel free to come down earlier to check out the market stalls in the courtyard.

We’ve given you an outline of the program for Saturday 9 November and here is more information on what you can expect from each session :)

Eat Drink Blog 4 Program Details




Registration and Breakfast from Jean Pierre Sancho, Brownes and coffee from Five Senses. 




“The Current State of Blogging” with Adam Roberts (Amateur Gourmet, @amateurgourmet), Ed Charles (Tomato, @tomatom) and Russell Blaikie (Must Winebar, @mustwine) discussing restaurant reviews, social media and the future of blogging.


Coffee – Fives Senses Interactive Workshop, @5Senses


Morning Tea from Littlesweet Baking


“Food Writing” with Adam Roberts (Amateur Gourmet, @amateurgourmet) and Anthony Georgeff (Manthatcooks, @manthatcooks) sharing their thoughts on what makes good food writing and providing some tips for delegates.


“Food and Mobile Photography” presentation by Simon Park (The Heart of Food, @theheartoffood) covering:

– The message and narrative of photography

– Making the most of your subject

– The importance of “the decisive moment”

- Some general tips and advice


“Food Issues – Eating local” with Kiren Mainwaring (Co-Op Dining, @ChefKiren), Paul Kilmurray (Urban Locavore, @UrbanLocavore) and Sophie Budd (Taste Budds, @ChefSophieBudd) discussing why it’s important to eat locally, what issues the local food industry faces and where they source their food.


Lunch from European Foods


“Mobile Blogging” presentation by Thang Ngo (Noodlies, @ThangNgo).

The exponential growth of online and its massive impact caught everyone by surprise. Traditional media weren’t agile in their response, leaving a gaping opportunity for the phenomenal rise of bloggers.

Today the game has changed. Mobile is a new and unstoppable digital wave. How traditional media and bloggers respond will have a dramatic impact on their future relevance.


“Legal Issues” presentation by Michael Tucak, @creativelegal (Principal Lawyer at creative|legal, Perth intellectual property and arts law firm) will talk about the legal and intellectual property matters you need to know about and how they affect your blogging, and taking it further with e-books and e-publishers.

Eat, Drink, Blog – enjoy your cake without the lumpy bits

It’s all fun until someone chokes on the pork knuckle. By taking some time to understand legal basics, you can avoid that choking feeling – what material you can put on your blog, who can use your blog, and how to protect what’s yours, and avoiding reputation damage through non-disclosure – and what to consider if you decide to publish an e-book, whilst leaving plenty of time for desert.


Afternoon Tea from Red Hot Spatula


“Ethics and Working with PR” with Phil Lees (The Last Appetite, @phil_lees) and Cynthia Chew (The Food Pornographer, @TFPtweets) discussing:

– Why do people choose to or not choose to work with PR?

– What implications has PR had on the blogging scene over the past few years?

– Ethics of disclosure for blogs and twitter

– Objectiveness of PR blog posts

- Effectiveness of PR and blogs


“Opportunities from Blogging” with Adam Roberts (Amateur Gourmet, @amateurgourmet), Max Brearley (Pub Diaries, @maxbrearley) and Emma Galloway (My Darling Lemon Thyme, @mydarlingLT) sharing stories about their blogging journey and the opportunities they have received, providing some advice and inspiration for delegates.


Thank You and Close, housekeeping for dinner and Sunday activities


Pop-Up Dinner, Perth City Farm Courtyard



To learn more about our speakers and presenters, please check out their bios.

Thanks to our photography and writing competition judges. We will be announcing the winners of the photography and writing competition on Saturday night at the Eat Drink Blog Pop-Up Dinner.

On Sunday 10 November, delegates will be participating in one of three different activities.

(NB: All delegates have been emailed details of the activity they chose).

For Eat Drink Blog updates over the weekend, like us on Facebook  or follow us on Twitter. The official hashtag is #EDB13.

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

A special thanks to our Photography Sponsor Anika of Annilein Photography who has come on board to photograph Eat Drink Blog 4.

After graduating from high school, Anni traveled to Australia. She instantly fell in love with this country and then decided six years ago to move from Berlin to Perth to study photography and make it her career. She has her own business, Annilein Photography and loves working in all different areas from food photography to portraits. She has a passion for capturing the most beautiful and unforgettable moments in life.

She is obsessed with everything food related, especially healthier options and, raw and vegan cooking. Anni enjoys making and photographing healthy snacks but not as much as eating them afterwards ;-)

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